Mu online s18e3

Mu online - New client available

Hey there, brave warriors of Rebel MU Online! Something happened, but don't worry – everything is fixed, and your cool game is back, just like before!

So, here's the story: there was a little problem with the server part that makes the game work, kind of like when your toy stops working for a moment. But guess what? The super smart people who take care of the game quickly fixed it, and they didn't have to take away any of the fun stuff you've done in the game. No need to go back or lose anything – everything is still awesome!

Now, you can go back to playing your game, just like you always do. Your characters, toys, and adventures are safe and sound. If you want to know more about what happened or just talk with other players, you can visit the special website for Rebel MU Online.

Thanks for being patient and understanding. Let's get back to the fun and have some amazing adventures together in the magical world of Rebel MU Online! 🌟

Download our new client now:

Posted 03/01/2024