Mu online s18e3

Muonline PVM configs


Discover the thrilling PvM system of MU Online, where each class has a balanced opportunity to defeat top bosses. Whether you specialize in magic or strength-based abilities, there's a boss that suits your unique playstyle. Experience epic battles where every class takes on formidable challenges, ensuring an engaging and rewarding PvM experience. Join now and conquer the toughest bosses with your chosen path in MU Online.

Challenge yourself with the ultimate goal bosses in MU Online! These bosses boast an impressive 2 billion HP. Can you defeat them in approximately 55 seconds? Test your damage output our kingz bosses. Show your strength and precision as you strive to achieve this formidable feat in the world of Rebel MU Online.

Long range classes kills strong boss in seconds:
DW  PvM Boss = fixed - 54s - meteor strike
ELF PvM Boss = fixed - 53s - multishot / raining arrow
MG  PvM Boss = fixed - 52s - havokspear+ene-buff - chaos-blade+charge-buff
DL  PvM Boss = fixed - 53s - windsoul + dark raven att
SU  PvM Boss = fixed - 54s - lightning shock(magic)  or pollution-ghost + death scythe (curse)
SLA PvM Boss = fixed - 55s - sword interia + batflock
LW  PvM Boss = fixed - 54s - shining bird + spear storm
IK  PvM Boss = fixed - 55s - illusion avatar + blade storm

Special bonus close range classes kills strong bosses in seconds: (if boss not moving)
- Note (bosses teleports, stuns and freezelock, so you will do less damage)
- Compesation damage for characters that does alot lower damage while far range

RW  PvM Boss = fixed - 37s - ball + magic arrow            (fixed position so ball does damage)
BK  PvM Boss = fixed - 38s - fireblow - cycle - twisting    (must use combo skill)
LM  PvM Boss = fixed - 45s - ball + ultimate force         (fixed position so ball does damage)
GC  PvM Boss = fixed - 48s - bursting flare + dark plasma     (fixed position so ball does damage)
GL  PvM Boss = fixed - 50s - magic pin
RF  PvM Boss = fixed - 50s - spirit hook

*s means seconds to kill so you see RW runewizard will kill a boss real fast but only at close range while boss is not moving.

Posted 16/07/2023