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Muonline PVP class

Introducing the Revamped MU Online Bonus Character PVP System!

MU Online's bonus character PVP system has undergone an exciting renewal, delivering intense battles and pvp guild events. With balanced gameplay, unique bonus characters powers, and revamped mechanics, players can unleash their skills and compete against formidable opponents. Earn exclusive treasures, rare items, and cosmetic rewards while climbing the PVP event ranks. Prepare for epic clashes and forge your path to greatness in the realms of REBEL MU Online!


Each character has an extra damage & defence system VS:

1    -DK  pvp bonus power VS      = SLAYER        
2    -DW  pvp bonus power VS      = ILLUSION KNIGHT   
3    -ELF pvp bonus power VS      = SUMMONER  
4    -MG  pvp bonus power VS      = LEMURIA
5    -DL  pvp bonus power VS      = RUNE WIZARD
6    -SU  pvp bonus power VS      = DARK WIZARD
7    -RF  pvp bonus power VS     = GUN CRUSHER
8    -GL  pvp bonus power VS      = DARK KNIGHT
9    -RW  pvp bonus power VS      = RAGE FIGHTER
10    -SLA pvp bonus power VS      = WHITE WIZARD
11    -GC  pvp bonus power VS      = DARK LORD
12    -LW pvp bonus power VS      = MAGIC GLADIATOR
13    -LM pvp bonus power VS      = GROWL LANCER
14    -IK pvp bonus power VS      = ELF

The pvp bonus effects have a clearly visible results once a character you PvP with has the same sets and weapons as you have, If your character has lower grade gear, you still will lose on pvp battles.

Posted 16/07/2023